Stævnevejledning for klubber

Stævnevejledning for klubber


On this page, the fencing club can find information for the club's organization and participation in fencing competitions:

NEW 2018: For the new Ophardt Online version, guides have been created for creating users and club administrators.

User creation and mapping of the athlete. Her, her.

Club manager - see her and his.

Other guides:

Ophardt has created a documentation project / help page that is under continuous development. Hers you can find answers to a number of common questions and get help on common tasks. The page is in English. You can access the page by logging into Ophardt and clicking "Manual" under the "Help/About Us" item located in the top menu of the page.

Ophardt has created a series of guidance videos for Ophardt Touch (version 2016). About 40 minutes of videos have been collected on a YouTube playlist that is subject-divided. Language: English.

Ophardt Software Manual - Ophardt Touch - new edition 2016:

German-language manual for the new Ophardt Software for event processing (click on the header). An English version is expected to be ready in July 2016.

ENGLISH translation from German by Ophardt Software manual for conference leaders - Ophardt Touch - March 2016.


DFF information letter on the transition to Ophardt system for handling Danish by Dane:

Information for clubs that sign up fencers for competitions and for competition clubs (from April 2012).

Link to Ophardt Team.

Link to Ophardt Team - Cloud


The competition handbook Version 1, 2009:
DFF's Broad Committee has prepared a handbook to help clubs in planning and organising fencing competitions. The handbook is a tool with guides and ideas - not a set of rules. Rule sets can be found under the post: "Guidelines for being accessed". We hope the handbook can get god in the sense of when the clubs are to be kept.

Read the handbook.


Applications for hosting of DM-er are processed at Board meetings. Clubs wishing to be awarded a DM are asked to submit an application. Read the letter from the Board of Directors here. Read the letter about her from 2018-2020.


More with a competition - competition-holding club:

Idébank / catalogue of initiatives that the club holding a competition can launch to attract more participants to the club's competition.

More to bind - participating club:

Idébank / catalogue of initiatives that the club, which would like to have more of its members with their own, can implement.


Schedules for competitions:

DFF Puljeksema to individual competition her.

DFF Pool schedule for team competition here.

Repechage Top-32. Explanatory table. Courtesy of Simon Jeiner.


Errors and Penalties - Yellow, red and black card overview:

Schedule for referees of errors and penalties for use on the piste for competitions. English version last updated 2014.


Board decision on loss guarantee:

Read shestays .
N.B. warranty is in practice issued only to DM, NM, WC, Sat.WC.